Stop RSI At The Source

Prevention & Treatment of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) - An Inside Job

Stop neck, back and shoulder pain.   Prevent injury in the arms, hands, wrists and fingers.

Help your body work without discomfort, pain or damage.

Stop Injury from repetitive actions, habits and conditions At The Source (the connective tissue system).

PRSI Break:

  • Thirty-one stretches designed to keep your body healthy and flexible.
  • Comes complete with a daily program for office workers containing pre-set routines and scheduling.
  • Content and scheduling can also be customized.

Risk Factors create strain in the body:

  • awkward or slouching posture,
  • repetitive motion,
  • using force,
  • leaning/sitting/standing for extended periods of time (including crossing legs),
  • previous injury or surgery,
  • emotional stress and
  • aging

Connective tissue surrounds and permeates nerves, blood vessels and muscles.  The tissue responds to the strain of the risk factors by contracting around the areas it supports.

It is then that we start to feel Symptoms - numbness, discomfort, tingling and pain.

If intervention is not done at this point, the symptoms worsen and serious injury can occur.

Gentle, slow, systematic stretching can keep connective tissue fluid and healthy.

PRSI Break stretches are demonstrated move by move, from start to finish, in detailed, narrated animation, to ensure proper pacing.

Stop Pain, Prevent Injury and Reduce Stress

On this site you will find information about RSI.  This information and the PRSI Break program are based on scientific and applied knowledge about the function of connective tissue in the body.

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