Wellness & Health Promotion Professionals

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'The first wealth is health.'  Ralph Waldo Emerson

This could be the theme for workplace wellness and health promotion professionals.

While general awareness of the connection between wealth and health is increasing, selling the Return On Investment in workplace wellness programs to executive committees continues to be a challenge.

Health and Wealth

Wealth in the workplace has many components.

While the organizational bottom line is a direct, often-used  measure of financial wealth, the factors within a workplace contributing to financial wealth are not so easy to quantify.

They relate to health - physical, emotional, social and mental.

Determinants of Workplace Health Include:

  • Morale
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Team Spirit
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Satisfaction Level
  • Sense of Value
  • Absence of Injury
  • Stress Level

Effects of Pain and Stress

The degree of pain and stress being experienced can have a direct effect on morale, efficeincy and productivity which can then affect:

  • Ability and desire to participate (team spirit, sense of belonging),
  • Enjoyment of the work environment (satisfaction), and
  • Capacity to generate creative ideas and solutions (sense of value).

Pain and Stress Reduction - A Workplace Wellness Necessity

The PRSI Break notification and stretch break program contains stretches designed to prevent pain-causing injuries.  The stretches are demonstrated move by move to ensure therapeutic pacing.

PRSI Break also includes deep breathing within each stretch to reduce stress regularly throughout the day.

Ability to Move Freely

Flexibility is one of the major determining factors of how energetic we feel.  It's also a key factor in aging comfortably.

Maintaining flexibility and range of motion allow freedom of movement which invites even more movement.   Movement is essential for overall health maintenance - all of the body's systems depend on it.

Sitting for extended periods of time, being stuck in habitual postures, hunching over a computer, repetitive reaching, leaning on armrests or crossing legs for years - these are all factors that can do serious damage to the body's ability to move.

Connective tissue becomes similar to strapping tape in consistency and starts to bind around the blood vessels, nerves and muscles.   Movement restriction is just one of the symptoms created by this.

PRSI Break stretches are specifically designed to release the tension and density in connective tissue.

Take Action Now

We know that implementing a workplace wide stretching program is a major undertaking.   Education is a key component of justifying this because you are asking people to make a major shift in habitual actions by stopping hourly to take a break.

One would think taking a break would be embraced heartily but change rarely is.  Responses to this proposal often include, "I don't have time." "I might be in the middle of something important." "I'm on the phone all the time."

We designed this site to be educational - to provide basic information on many topics about RSI.

We designed PRSI Break to be customizable to suit scheduling needs and individual preferences.

Our focus is wellness through prevention.   We'll do what it takes to help you dramatically improve the wellness in your workplace.

The Return On Investing in PRSI Break is significant using even the most basic calculation.  To pay lost time for one carpal tunnel injury plus cover the cost of the replacement worker for the same period of time costs about $12,000.   This doesn't include costs other than wages.

PRSI Break costs $60.

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