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Are you having pain and discomfort now?   Do you think it's caused by work or personal activities?

Or did you arrive here because you are concerned about getting injured?

We know how to prevent the pain and discomfort of repetitive strain injuries.

RSI In Brief

Repetitive strain injuries start in the connective tissue system in response to factors such as postural issues, repetitive movements, leaning, sitting or standing for extended periods of time, surgery and emotional stress.

There is a simple solution to prevent these injuries - keep the connective tissue system healthy, fluid and flexible.  Stretching can do this.


For over 50 years, practitioners of Structural Integration (SI) modalities such as Rolfing and Hellerwork have been focused on alignment, structure and balance at the level of the connective tissue or fascia.

SI practitioners use very slow movement through tightened tissue to assist it to release.

It is movement through the tissue that stretching can also achieve, if the stretching is done correctly.

The only way to permanently eliminate the injuries caused by overuse is to consistently take corrective action.

When overuse occurs, the solution must be done as frequently as the overuse itself.

Stretching the connective tissue regularly from the tips of the fingers, through the arms, up into the neck area, and down through the shoulders and the back prevents tightness around nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

PRSI Break stretches will release tightness in the connective tissue system from head to toe.

Benefits for Individuals:

  • Align your body regularly to correct awkward or slouching posture
  • Restore your freedom of movement
  • Free you from pain, strain and discomfort
  • Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other work related injuries
  • Improve your energy and your sense of well-being at work and at home
  • Reduce your concern about workplace injuries

Stop Pain, Reduce Stress, Prevent Injury

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