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"She's Intuitive"

One of the first users of PRSI Break, a web designer based in Calgary made this comment soon after downloading and starting to use the default program for seated workers,

"She's  intuitive.  The program changes as the week goes by - she knows what I need!"  'She' is Persi, the PRSI Break avatar.

The lower body feels more strain on Wednesday afternoon than it did Monday morning.  It's been sitting for the better part of three days!  So PRSI Break is designed to spend more time on that area as the week goes by.

Stretches are grouped into routines that address the changes in the body as it sits day after day throughout the week.

Customization features of PRSI Break let users create routines related to their specific work schedules and required movements, in addition to individual preferences, needs and activities (hobbies, before & after exercise, etc.)

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