PRSI Break - Benefits

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For Users

  • Simple, easy to use - just install, start stretching, experience pain and stress reduction within days.

  • Unlike illustrated stretching exercises on paper or online, PRSI Break takes the guesswork out of stretching, especially the 'how to' and 'how fast'.

  • Improve/maintain health.

  • Experience the balance and comfort of structural alignment.
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion.

  • Work more effectively and comfortably - increased sense of well being.

  • Say good-bye to RSI Symptoms.

For Organizations

  • Technically easy to implement - Built using Adobe Air.

  • Cost effective.  License pricing is volume based.

  • Return on Investment = Cost effective component of injury prevention program, less down time and lower costs related to injury and stress, improved productivity and better retention rates when employees feel pain free and more relaxed, supervision and analysis time requirements are minimal.

  • Employees feel valued - Providing regular, therapeutic breaks throughout the day is a gift in a busy, stressful workplace.

  • Environmental Responsibility - Electronic delivery of programs and user support documentation.

  • Sustainable - Self-contained, stand alone program enables employees to work safely and productively.  Includes all features, updates are free, major upgrades are available at minimal cost.

  • Workplace and Societal Benefits - When people feel better, they treat others better and are more likely to get involved in workplace and community initiatives.

  • Prevention Aids Retention - The features of PRSI Break will help employees stay comfortable in the workplace longer.

  • Customizable usage reports built in to the program function.

Individuals:   Protect yourself from injury.  Stay flexible.  Stay healthy.

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Organizations:  Contact us for licensing and technical information.