Customizable Routine Content and Scheduling

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PRSI Break - The one, fully customizable stretch program.

  • Create custom routines for your individual needs.
  • Schedule them to play precisely when it works best for you.

PRSI Break's built in menus for creating and scheduling stretch routines make the program completely customizable by preference or need.

Please Note: While the focus of your custom routines will be on specific areas of the body, it is extremely important to include stretches for the whole body during each week.  To maintain a healthy connective tissue system, stretching must be done head to toe.

Examples of where customization can apply:

By Occupation


Focus your routine content on:

  • posture required
  • movements required
  • body area focus
  • force being exerted
  • how long you sit or stand
  • Custodial - back, shoulders
  • Card Dealer - hands, wrists
Food Service
Physical Therapy
Bank Teller Musician
Meat Processing
Postal Worker
Health Care
Assembly Manufacture Esthetics
Hair Stylist
Card Dealer
Sign Language

By Personal Preference - Content

Pre-Exercise/Sport Post-Exercise/Sport
Area of Discomfort
Desired Areas of Focus

By Personal Preference - Scheduling

Time Intervals Before/After Work
Before/After Breaks
Desired Areas of Focus

By Injury Recovery Status (With Health Practitioner)

Injury Type (i.e. back, hand)
Status of Injury Recovery
Return to Work Status Desired Areas of Focus

By Work Scheduling Requirements

Before, After, With Others
Timing of Stretch Routines (i.e. School Office - around student traffic)
Length of Stretch Break Desired/Required (i.e. Call Center)

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