PRSI Break - Packed With Features

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  • 31 Stretches are Designed to Prevent and Treat Upper-Body RSI - They address the cause of injury, not only the symptoms.

  • PRSI Break Reminds Users to Stretch Regularly - This is a key to prevention.
  • Detailed Animation is Used to Demonstrate Stretches - From start to finish, you see each movement of the stretch in quality animation.

  • Deep Breathing During Each Stretch - Provides stress reduction throughout the day.  Ensures stretches are held long enough to be effective.

  • Posture is aligned regularly throughout the day to prevent damage to the body caused by slouching, awkward stances and reaching.
  • Body Area Grouping  - Wrists sore?   Click on "Wrists" in our handy 'By Area' section and you can click to play a stretch on the list of stretches specifically for wrists.

  • PRSI Break Pre-Set Routines - Pre-set groups of 2 to 4 stretches. Each routine is 4 to 5 minutes long.

  • PRSI Break Pre-Set Office Program - Hourly Routines systematically address cumulative effects of seated work.

  • Customizable Content and Scheduling - PRSI Break be programmed for non-office occupations and to meet individual scheduling preferences.

  • Customizing for Return to Work Programs -The custom stretch program can match the stage of recovery.

  • Synchronized Animation, Narration and Captioning -  Ease of use possible when either vision or hearing is limited.

  • User Friendly Feature - Choose Auto Play:  the routine will start after a short prompt period or Choose Manual Play: the prompt message will stay at the bottom of your screen until you click Play Now.
  • User Friendly Feature - Full length movies for new users and Condensed movies for advanced users.  Less narration in the condensed version of each movie.

Do you want all of these built-in features at your fingertips?

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