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PRSI Break has been developed using principles related to myofascial release and stress reduction.

One of the program developers is an active practitioner of structural integration (Hellerwork) whose clientele, since 1998, has included many RSI sufferers.

RSI begins in the connective tissue system.

The solution is in the connective tissue as well and can be achieved by slow, therapeutic stretching.

To be effective, stretching must be done regularly throughout the day.

It can not be done sporadically if connective tissue health is to be maintained while risk factors associated with RSI continue.

Stretch Routines

One of the most valuable differences in the PRSI Break program is our creation of a full program of stretch routines for office workers.

Stretches have been pre-grouped and programmed to run throughout the week.

Programming the routine content to address the effects of seated work as the week progresses has created a program called 'intuitive'.

As most desk-based workers know, as the week goes by different parts of the body experience strain.  By Thursday the hips and legs are more strained.  The PRSI Break office program takes these changes into consideration and provides routines to meet daily needs.

Computer Usage Statistics

Statistics about computer usage may be a motivator for users as they watch counters tally work types and percentages.

However, computer usage is only one risk factor of the many associated with RSI.

Usage stats do not reflect the cumulative strain the body experiences throughout the day and week from other factors such as posture, leaning, using force, previous injury, previous surgery or emotional stress.

These factors cause tension in the body as well and the connective tissue tightens as a result.

Computer usage is not the most effective factor for determining the need to stretch.

Regular, systematic stretching throughout the whole day prevents discomfort, pain and injury.

Occupations Other Than Office Based

PRSI Break can be used for occupations other than office based.

After evaluating the types of movement and posture associated with a particular job, custom stretch routines can be created using PRSI Break's customization features.

While the focus of the custom routines is on the particular body areas used in the work, it's important to remember to include stretches for the whole body in a weekly program.

PRSI Break will generate a warning if areas of the body are missed.

PRSI Break & Ergonomics Information

Although PRSI Break can be a key component in an overall ergonomics program to ensure injury prevention, PRSI Break itself does not contain ergonomics information.

There are many sources for information about ergonomics and human factors.

PRSI Break is the source for stretches that work and is an ideal ErgoPartner TM.

Other Unique PRSI Break Features

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