Routines (Screen Shots)

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The Routines tab displays two types of routines - Pre-Set (Default) and Custom.

Pre-Set / Default

There are 30 pre-set routines.  They have been scheduled hourly to create our default office worker program

This program plays routines six times per day to address the affects of sitting for extended periods of time, repetitive movements, habitual slouching and other RSI Risk Factors experienced by those who work at desks.

To play one of the routines at any time, click on the play icon next to the routine.

List of Pre-Set Routines

While you can not change the content of these routines, you can change the scheduling for any of the routines by clicking on Edit Schedule.

This feature was helpful for a school  administrator who would not stretch at 9:00 a.m. because her office was full of students.  However, she would stretch at 9:15 a.m. after the students had gone to class.

Changing Time for Routine


Clicking the Custom tab will take you to a list of routines created to meet specific needs and preferences.

If you do not work at a desk, you will use different postures and movements than someone who does.

You can create routines reflecting the type of work you do and use the custom scheduling function to schedule them to play when you are ready to do them.

Listed below is a custom routine created for a dentist.   Focus areas are alignment, back & shoulders, to address the effects of awkward posture, and hands & fingers, to address effects of gripping small instruments.

If you use PRSI Break at home, applications can include:

  • routines to warm up and/or cool down before/after exercise… or
  • routines to precisely address movements required in a home based business, for example machine knitting or massage therapy.

List of Custom Routines

Please browse the Customizable page in the Discover PRSI Break section to see more applications for our Customization features.

Go to Using PRSI Break in the Resources section to learn how easy creating custom routines can be.