Schedule (Screen Shots)

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Clicking the Schedule tab displays the default Weekly schedule in which routines are scheduled by the day of the week and the time.

The schedule tabs for Weekly scheduling will show the Upcoming five routines as well as routines scheduled for each day of the week.

You can edit the schedule of a routine in this screen by clicking the Edit Schedule button.

Schedule - Day of Week

If you change the schedule setting to Playlist, you will see the playlist displayed when you click the Schedule tab.

Your editing options are:

  • Setting the parameters for the playlist by clicking Edit Schedule, and
  • Changing which routines will play and in what order by clicking Edit Playlist.

Playlist Schedule Screen

When you click Edit Schedule you can choose the interval between routines, the daily start and end times of your schedule as well as the days on which you want the playlist to be active.

Playlist Scheduling Parameters

Edit Playlist will display the next screen.

The default playlist contains the 30 pre-set routines in sequential order.

To remove a routine from the list, click Remove beside it.

If you have created Custom Routines, they will be listed at the bottom of the playlist and you will need to add them manually.

In this area you can also change the order in which your routines will play by dragging them where you want them in the list.

Playlist Content and Order