Emotional Stress

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Emotional stress can definitely be a risk factor for RSI

The effect of emotional stress at the level of the connective tissue in the body is similar to the effect from physical risk factors.

Connective tissue tightens in response to the body-wide tension caused by emotional stress and impinges on the nerves, blood vessel and muscles it surrounds.  RSI symptoms appear as a result.


PRSI Break Stress Reduction

Using PRSI Break regularly will stretch the connective tissue head to toe.  This is a necessity to maintain health in this system, which has been called 'the organ of structure'. 

An added benefit of PRSI Break is the deep breathing demonstrated within each stretch.

This consistent, regular deep breathing throughout the day reduces stress (yoga) and ensures an adequate supply of Oxygen, 'the natural tranquilizer'.

Is Stress An Issue For You?

Adding PRSI Break to your day will help you relax.

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