Localized Pressure

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Examples of Localized, Direct Pressure

  • Do you lean on your armrests?
  • Do you cross your legs?
  • Do you lean on your elbows or arms while you work?
  • Do you rest your wrist on a mouse pad?
  • Do you rest your palms on a keyboard pad?
  • Do you cradle a phone between your neck and collar bone area?
  • Do you stand or sit for long periods of time?

If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes', your body is experiencing the effects of localized pressure which can lead to RSI.

When you put direct pressure on a part of the body, the connective tissue responds to the pressure at the contact point as it does to an injury - it tightens to protect the blood vessels, nerves and muscles in that area. This contraction will produce RSI symptoms such shoulder pain, arm pain, hand pain numbness & tingling, numb fingers, wrist pain, neck pain, leg numbness, pain or tingling.


Most of these types of localized pressure are habitual.   Although they take time and commitment to change, doing so can make a great difference in the degree of discomfort.

Two examples of equipment changes to reduce risk:

  • Lower or remove arm rests.
  • Use a telephone headset.

The only way to permanently eliminate the effects of localized pressure is to consistently take corrective action in the connective tissue

Stop the effects of injury-triggering habits.

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Buy PRSI Break Now

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