Previous Injury & Surgery are RSI Risk Factors

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There is a major similarity in how previous injury & previous surgery affect the body related to risk for RSI.

The connective tissue thickens and tightens when the body experiences trauma.

The tissue knits together to promote healing.   Scar tissue is external connective tissue visibly binding the body together.

Internally, the tissue will also bind and contract around the areas that have been or are being injured.

RSI Gets A Head Start

RSI gets a head start when there has been previous trauma.

The connective tissue is already tightening as it protects the body healing from the current injury or surgery.

Any force, repetitive motion, localized pressure or posture issue will intensify the tightening and fast track further injury.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the world. This is unfortunate because carpal tunnel syndrome, as are all RSI's, is preventable.

If surgery is done, it is ESSENTIAL TO STRETCH REGULARLY to release tightness in surgical scars and to prevent further tissue contraction around the median nerve.

Gentle Stretching = Scar Treatment

PRSI Break stretches are designed to work on the connective tissue.  Connective tissue includes scar tissue.

The cumulative benefits of regular stretching include reduction of current scarring and prevention of additional tightness.

If you have had surgery or a previous RSI, start to stretch now.

PRSI Break is your solution to prevent further injury.

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