Fingers: Pain, Numb, Tingling

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In the early stages of injury, symptoms such as numb fingers, tingling fingers and finger pain come and go and can be eliminated by a quick shake or massage of the hand.  As time passes, the symptoms do not subside.

To Stop Finger Pain NOW, start to stretch regularly with PRSI Break.

Each PRSI Break stretch is designed to prevent and treat injuries caused by risk factors such as overuse.

Do the sample stretch below to start to relieve strain in your fingers, hands and forearms now.

Note: For stretches to be effective, they must be done slowly enough for the body to respond.  Rushing a stretch can make injuries worse, not better.

Each of the 31 PRSI Break stretches is demonstrated slowly, move by move.     Take your time.   Take a break.

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The only way to permanently eliminate the injuries caused by continuous overuse is to consistently take corrective action.

Do You Have Pain and Discomfort in Your Fingers?  Stop It for $60.

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