Hands: Numbness, Tingling, Pain

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You have aching, painful, numb or tingling hands.

Actions such as computer work, gaming and texting and habits like slouching and leaning on armrests are affecting the nerves, blood vessels and muscles leading to and in your hands.

The only way to permanently stop hand pain is to take corrective action as often as you do injury-causing actions.

The PRSI Break stretch program will help you stop the pain.

Do the PRSI Break sample stretch below to start to release tightness in your fingers, hands, wrists and arms NOW.

Before you stretch, please note:

  • If stretches are done too quickly, more damage can occur instead of less.  Do the stretch at the pace it is demonstrated.
  • Each of the 31 stretches in the PRSI Break program is demonstrated slowly, gently and move by move to ensure effective pacing.
  • If you feel pain, you have stretched too far.  Stretch as far as you can without pain, then stop as demonstrated.

This stretch is 3½ minutes long.  Give yourself a break and take the time to do it at the demonstrated pace.

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Tired of Aching, Sore, Numb or Tingling Hands?

Start to take action that will Stop Your Pain.   Use PRSI Break regularly.

You can use our pre-set routines or create your own custom routines.  You can schedule routines to play precisely when and how you want them to. 

You will notice change quickly after you start to stretch with PRSI Break.  Users are very specific about the benefits they experience.

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Again, the only way to permanently eliminate injuries caused by continuous overuse is to just as continuously take corrective action.