Neck Shoulder Upper Back Pain

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Neck, shoulder & back pain consistently account for more than half of the complaints made by office workers.

The PRSI Break prevention and treatment solution addresses the effects of two major risk factors:

Non aligned and aligned posture

The posture associated with neck, shoulder and upper back pain is illustrated in this figure.

If the head, which weighs from 10 to 15 pounds, juts forward in front of the line of vertical alignment, strain occurs in the shoulders and the upper back as they try to support the added weight for an extended period of time.

In research published in 2005, it was concluded that the neck muscles in those who were experiencing neck & shoulder pain did not have the same degree of neuromuscular activity as the shoulder muscles.  (Szeto, Straker).


Eliminating Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Pain

Our solution includes correcting posture and strengthening the neck muscles.

The PRSI Break Alignment Stretch corrects posture by aligning the body regularly throughout the day, from the neck down to the bottom of the spine.

In addition to the postural alignment achieved by doing this stretch, neck muscle strength is improved by the action of moving the head straight backward during the stretch.  Other stretches in the program focus on keeping the neck and upper shoulder area flexible and pain free.

The only way to permanently eliminate the injuries caused by overuse is to consistently take corrective action.

The solution to neck, shoulder and back pain caused by overuse and nonaligned posture must be done regularly as long as the problem-causing actions continue.

The stretches in PRSI Break align the body, strengthen the neck muscles and stretch the connective tissue head to toe.

Each stretch is demonstrated move by move to ensure the pacing required to keep connective tissue fibers to fluid and flexible.

Tired of Sore, Aching Neck and Shoulders?

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