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Workplace injuries and workplace stress are two major issues for organizations.

Direct and indirect costs of both injury and stress have a significant effect on the bottom line.

Costs of Injury and Stress:

  • Employee pain, strain, discomfort.
  • Replacement workers when lost time occurs.
  • Return to Work management during injury/surgery recovery.
  • Increased costs of insurance.
  • Retention issues.
  • Lost opportunities as a result of employee downtime.

Employees who don't feel well physically or emotionally are not as productive, can negatively affect workplace morale and are more likely to take time off under short or long term disability programs.

With the need for retention of skilled employees escalating, it is crucial to do everything possible for employee health & wellness.

One of the simplest and most effective methods to improve workplace wellness is to have employees take breaks regularly throughout the day during which they change mental focus and modify body posture.

PRSI Break Overview -  pdf slide show.


Flexibility is a critical factor of both physical and emotional health.

Physical flexibility keeps the body protected from injuries caused by tightness in the connective tissue system.

Physical flexibility is also one of the major concerns related to aging.  Loss of flexibility can be linked to retention issues.

Emotional flexibility contributes to living with energy, focus, creativity, tolerance and understanding - key elements of a healthy, productive workplace.

Maintaining flexibility is a major determinant of workplace wellness.

PRSI Break - Make Every Break Count!

PRSI Break is a cost effective option for improving flexibility and for pain and stress reduction.

It is an easy to use, stand-alone notification and stretch break program.

Movement designed to prevent injury and to keep the body flexible, combined with deep breathing for stress reduction provide a multi-faceted solution to maintain employee well being.

Do you want to cut costs related to injury and stress?

PRSI Break use will reduce pain and discomfort in the workplace.

Are you committed to a workplace in which employees feel valued?

Inviting employees to take an hourly break in which they stretch for health and take a few deep, relaxing breaths shows they are valued.

Do you want to stop work related pain and discomfort?

Research is proving PRSI Break use strengthens neck muscles and aligns posture.

80% of workplace complaints are related to neck, shoulders and upper back.

Posture is the predominant cause of these complaints.

By having employees align their posture regularly throughout the work day, these complaints disappear.

Do you need a solution for all RSI Risk Factors, not only repetitive movements?

Repetitive movements are not hard to quantify.  This is the basis for a number of stretch programs currently in the market.

Other factors such as posture, sitting and standing for extended periods of time, leaning on armrests, crossing legs, emotional trauma, previous injury or surgery or using force are difficult to measure statistically.

What we do know is they are as linked with workplace injury as are repetitive movements.

Consider posture.  Posture is a major factor of work place injury.  It's one thing to suggest that employees sit or stand with 'good posture'.   It's entirely another to lead them through stretches designed to help them do that.

The effect on the body is what all of the risk factors have in common - they create a tightening reaction at the level of the connective tissue.

This is where the specialized stretches of PRSI Break are designed to work.

Office Workers are not the only employees at risk for RSI.

PRSI Break is fully customizable to address the movements, posture and other risk factors required in sectors other than administrative.

Work Safely and Productively.

The two major issues in the workplace are work-related injury and stress.

PRSI Break - an animated stretch break program - provides pain and stress reduction at your fingertips.

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