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Workplace Ergonomics

Rising direct and indirect costs of work related injuries and the challenges of employee retention are motivating organizations to shift to prevention to cut costs and have healthier, more productive workplaces.

Ergonomics is a major component of corporate prevention strategies.

Ergonomics and RSI

Adjustments to a work area and to how the body functions in the work area can reduce injury significantly.

However, no matter how well a physical work space is designed, injuries still arise if attention is not paid to how the body responds internally to continuing work habits and requirements.

Repetitive motion, posture (slouching, static, awkward), localized pressure (sitting, standing, leaning) and the use of force (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, pounding, gripping) can cause persistent RSI Symptoms even after work area changes have been made.

Ergonomics and Stretching

PRSI Break stretches address these risk factors and add value to your ergonomics program.

To be effective, stretching must be done slowly to the point of resistance and held at that point long enough for tightness in the fibers in the connective tissue to release.

It's easy to extend overused areas of the body beyond their elastic capacity by stretching too quickly or vigorously.

Rushing or forcing a stretch can occur without reminders to slow down.   This can lead to more injury, not less.

Ergonomics and PRSI Break

PRSI Break stretches are demonstrated move by move, to ensure effective pacing.

PRSI Break, also trademarked ErgoPartner:

  • reminds users to take regular breaks
  • contains animated stretches with synchronized narration and captioning
  • provides a fully customizable content and scheduling system so programs can be created to address specific work requirements and preferences.

Combining PRSI Break with your ergonomics program can ensure success!

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