Thumb Joint Pain

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Stop Thumb Joint Pain NOW

Texting, gaming, typing, gripping and rotating tools (construction, dentistry, manufacturing) all have one thing in common - high rates of thumb injury.

Injury occurs when connective tissue tightens around nerves, blood vessels and muscles causing symptoms like aching and throbbing.

To prevent injury, connective tissue needs to be kept flexible and fluid.

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The only way to permanently eliminate thumb and thumb joint pain is to consistently take corrective action.  PRSI Break is action that works.

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Browse our Site Map for information about injury risk factors, other symptoms, types of injury, the fundamental cause of this type of injury and the PRSI Break solution.

PRSI Break can work for you.   Videos - PRSI Break Menu Function & Features.

For Thumb Pain...Use A Solution That Works

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More About Thumb Injury

Other symptoms of thumb injury include weakness and loss of ability to grip and turn an object.  If symptoms are not addressed, disabling injuries can occur.

Mobile device users can become unable to apply any pressure at all to their thumbs to complete the swift movements required to access and enter data.

Construction industry workers can no longer work at jobs where using and turning tools or equipment, combined with force, is often required.

While the means of injury is different, the result is the same.

The Issue:  Continuous, out-of-natural-alignment movement of the thumb.

This repetitive movement causes swelling and tightening in the tendons and in the tissue around the nerves in the thumb joint area.  Symptoms of injury appear.

The only way to permanently eliminate thumb injuries caused by overuse is to consistently take corrective action.

This is the key to injury prevention.